sharknet: Been there.

According to the Chorus map, we are in a 5Mbps area.

Map shows both cabinets HL/W and WM/G, equidistant from here (By road about 2km each way)

HL/W PCM /STC feeder copper (H/L)

WM/G Nokia 480 Feeder copper (WM) 

Chorus maps reflect sync speed. It's a good bet you are sync'ing around 7Mbps. It is the through put limitations letting ya down.

Now for the apologist part of my post. Take note of my sig and the fact I have a VF bias.

The whole phone number fed from one exchange but broadband connected at a closer point doesn't come up very often at the complaints team level let alone front line. I worked in the phone and broadband segment for at least 4 years before I came across it. Additionally the tools used by front line don't make this possibility obvious they just say that the connection is at exchange X in this case GLF.