After quite a few months of issues with the Vodafone Huawei HG659 router (disconnects, DNS servers being lost, poor wifi, need for factory resets, tried two different routers with the same problems) I but the bullet and went and brought an Asus RT-N66U on the belief I would be able to get this working properly, and followed this guide exactly: http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?forumid=40&topicid=143367

It seems to have fixed the issues I was having with the Vodafone router (wifi is great and keeps DNS/all settings even on restarts etc), however have developed a new one I have not been able to fix as yet.  Basically in the logs it looks as if the modem is reconnecting every 10 minutes, and looking through the settings pages, it looks to be given a DHCP lease of 10 minutes.  I can't see anywhere to change this/don't know how to fix the issue.

Am using for netflix etc with unblockus so a 10 minute reset makes watching TV impossible.

Looking around other forum posts, have considered installing Tomato to see if I can get that working, but thought it would be worth seeing if the existing problem is fixable first.

Any help greatly appreciated.