Main reasons for not being able to send or reeceive PXTs:

Incorrect settings on device
PXT not enabled as no MMS has been sent from device to enable service (so can't receive)
Phone number is not loaded into MMSC

Here are steps you can take to figure out where the fault is without the need to wait for customer services, this should cover the vast majority of cases (I can think of 2 it wont but they hardly ever happen)

Can you send or receive PXTS?

  1. Yes - No Problem
  2. Cant Receive actual MMS, Receive TXT advising to visit website - MMS is not enabled either send an MMS or call 777 to "tick box" as above (this will only happen if you have not sent an MMS before trying to receive one)
  3. Cant Send or Receive - Try SIM in device you know can send/receive
  1. Works, Phone fault - check settings on your device (, or point of sale if PI)
  2. Doesn't work - SIM/connetion fault - Call 777 to check if phone number is provisioned in MMSC and for GPRS
Hope this helps a few people with PXT issues (and johnr isn't going to correct me lol!)