For those following. Installed today (shame took day off work as 11am to 3pm install they rang at 2.30 to say would be here after 4pm). Guy arrived saw setup and I swear wanted to cry. Anyway all went well in the end and with the help from his vodafone backend people we had everything working by 6pm after some big hickups to start. Had to run a 20m cable to garage to prove patch panel was not issue.


So yes you can use both outputs at same time and yes you can have a backfeed to entire house as well as hdmi split to select tvs all working. Phones not going but hated the Fritzfon so happy to take time to sort. Huaewi gateway box seems very nice and I can easily setup everything so far. NAS servers and all wireless devices going well and signal much stronger than from the Fritz. Skygo borked but will get sorted I am sure. As is customer zone on voda website (wont display right stuff as had to link new account to old login - even 2 hours on phone with support could not help fix).


Overall call me a happy camper about to save $70 a month.