Hey all,


Over the last 6 weeks i have had 4 calls from Vodafone regarding additional services. On the first call i politely asked to not be called in the future regarding sales campaigns. Same for the second and third. Do note every single call was regarding "Do you have Vodafone broadband at home" I was quick to advise i do have Vodafone broadband at home and my flatmate pays for it. Obviously my wishes not to be contacted further had been dishonored and the service they were trying to sell me i already had!


On the 4th call i firmly advised them i was ex staff and was completely aware of all the current offerings and knew what the business offered. The sales rep seemed surprised and i instructed him to leave a note regarding future sales calls.


If i purposely let a call ring out they usually try again in 2 hours, If i left that one go i hear back the next day.


Has anyone else had the same issue?


Hope that it doesn't occur again. Otherwise i'll explore other options.