Lias: There is a HUGE difference between stealing physical goods, and copying electronic bits. One is a tangible, physical object, if you take a ferrari from a caryard, its gone from the caryard. The company looses the value of the metals, plastics, construction labour etc. If I copy a piece of software, the original still exists. I can copy it, share it with 50000 people, and the original still exists in the same form, it is not altered, damaged, or diminished in any way shape or form. In my exeprience people pirate software either to try it out before purchase, or to use a product that they wouldnt be able to justify purchasing (say pirating DBPoweramp to convert one folder of music and never be used again).

You believe then people and companies should not be paif for their work and research?

Wait, no, don't reply because you have already diverted this discussion off topic and this thread is about the consequences of account suspension, not about the morals - or lack of.- people taking someone else's intelectual property without proper payment.