I have no problems with online billing per se, but my biggest concern is with Vodafone's online web billing portal, the last few times I tried to use it, it keep throwing up errors, telling me to try later, or data not available etc.

If this is the only free method to recieve tax invoices, it better be reliable, especially since they are going to be pushing the unwashed hordes towards online billing. How will their online billing system cope then??? One does wonder.

I did recieve PDF copies of my invoices from Vodafone when I rang up 6-9 months ago with billing problems, so I know they generate them, I wouldn't mind recieving these instead. That would be a OK option.

The bigger problem for Vodafone I imagine is I end up forgetting to pay the 'online' bills, and end up just paying the ones which have turned up in the PO Box. hehe wonder how those aged debtors will blow out with Junk E-mail filtering and online billing.