Linux: 00800 is not a valid calling range in New Zealand

00-800-54446600 worked for me on a landline "Welcome to poly, formally plantronics" but not from a cellphone (it says it can't be called from this location)

Apple also have a number like this: 00800 7666 7666, although they have an IVR on it now saying to call a different number it still works.

Qantas: 00-800-54446600

00800 and +800 are the same

2006 Geekzone thread: "Can't call Apple support from Vodafone, why?"

Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)



That is strange that it works from one sort of phone but not another.

@Geektastic Not strange at all many carriers with not route the 00800 calls due to fraud reasons