Hi all, just writing to say that after having this ph for approx 3 weeks the lcd cracked. I managed to get a credit from the store I bought it from (it was an effort !!!) and have now gone to the Nokia 6680 - 3G phone. To tell the truth I should have done it originally as it's got better features than the D500

1 - can zoom in on photo's
2 - can allocate tones for incoming messages
3 - can store last name first or last name last
4 - ph had 10mb plus external memory, got additional 64 mb but think I can go to 256mb +
5 - a lot clearer, a lot of calls sounded muffled when using D500
6 - no crappy external speaker
7 - larger lcd screen, can also rotate pic and view full screen
8 - no issues with pxt or video calling

One thing I need to point out is Samsung give their phones a 1 year warranty where parallel importers usually give 3 months. The store I bought my D500 from sent it away to be checked and the service agent claimed LCD's weren't covered under warranty if water damaged or dropped. Fair enough. However after talking to Radiola (NZ Samsung agents) there are only 2 authorised service agents for Samsung in New Zealand, if anyone other than theses guys work on your phone you Samsung warranty is void. Unfortunately I can't remember who these guys are now but do a search in the yellow pages under radiola - they're in Auckland, and they'll be able to put you on the right track.

Good luck to you guys that are still having pxt prob's - hope you manage to sort them soon -
cheers n8