Hi Hamish,

I have it installed, and the weird thing is the app can find this info on the vodafone website (which I have to pay for out of my data allowance) when I can't (due to my own incompetence no doubt).

I suppose the irony in this is I have paid for an application, which costs me to send an update (as using the vodafone website uses up my allowance), when I really should be using the free sms option (but is an ugly two sms process without the elegant graphs).

I suppose the free business idea I have for you is to develop a vodafone app (using the international manpower of your sister companies overseas) which you could deploy globally. It would give users this information, and could also market the vodafone live stuff....(cause apple seems to have hidden the sim installed vodafone live stuff so well in the settings).

I also noted that the add on was actually a change to 1 GB but thought it interesting that it has taken so long to deliver so I assumed (no really just hoped) there must have been a conspiracy to deliver something wonderful in addition... :)


Ps forgot the last step which comes from my reading of the slashdot forums: profit.