Well all i can say is hope it works out for you and when you change providers again you will contact your isp to adv of this as pretty much most will have a standard period of notice you should be giving for disconnecting the service my isp (worldexchange/xnet) requires one month. 

I have no real intention of changing that service however I am thinking of changing the pther provider  (Telstra) that comes into where i live although i like the speeds of there service and that you can fiddle with your data once a month to get two data plans for the cost of less than the cost of the more expensive one.  I just find the price is ott so i'm thinking of ditching them and getting a new ISP and Sky TV as I reckon i can save a decent amount by doing so.

It is your responsibility to terminate your contract as your new isp is only after your business so if it doesn't go well for you it's still you that is ultimately responsible.  I think Telstra with exception of a couple of things (like their refusal to put a supervisor on the phone and taking a long time to get you connected) were not too bad as offering to pay a bill you should have arranged to terminate yourself is pretty good.  So unless you actually had a quoted deal stating they are willing to pay termination fees then you did not too bad for them to pay this.

There has been worse cases here on GZ I have read (eg the one very similar to yours except they chose to not go through with the install and found themselves being charged a disconnection from Telstra even though they never actually got connected.

All in all though as stated at the start i hope your complaint goes well something like this would drive me nuts big time luckily for me i'm looking at disconnecting not joining them.  Great internet provider but rubbish customer service and overpriced.

Forgot to add when my ex moved into her new place we had her up and running (man i can't believe i'm about to say this) within 24 hours on phone and internet with Telecom.  Personally i would never use them but for her she was happy it was so painless.