martyyn: A quick update and this will tell you why I didnt want to just 'call Vodafone'

Called 777, and they said I had to speak to the sales team because he couldnt authorise resigns. Called the sales team and the first woman didnt know what the Nexus One was so she passed me onto third person who didnt know what the Nexus One was either but stunningly he didnt know anything about the Smart60 plan either !

So I spoke to three people in 25 mins, at least half of which was on hold, had to repeat myself three times because they just passed me on and had to explain twice what the Smart60 offer was.


I get soooo angry when ringing them as they do not know anything.
If they know one thing, they won't know the next thing so have to transfer you....
And you have to explain all over again... Then that person tells you "i don't know why you've been put through to me, we don't know"

I even got told by one Vodafone CSR that they don't know about the smart plans, I have to ring Digimobile or Firstmobile for info on those. WTF? I have to ring a retail outlet for info on your plans?!

Vodafone are great, until you want information or help. Then they suck in massive quantities