I would have thought that someone signing up knowing that they may wish to terminate at some stage would have looked into how much it would cost them and the process for which that termination needs to happen.

I was SUPER careful before signing a 24 month contract - probably to the annoyance of the customer service representative (who was extremely professional and I highly recommend him - anyone in Dunedin can PM me for his name if you want to deal with an excellent rep at the Dunedin store).

For the record I did not read every word in the 25 pages (and if I am bitten on the bum for that at a later stage fair cop - I guess), but I skimmed through the VITAL sections for me, and did a document search for keywords that affected me like "termination", "early", "subsidy", "fee", just to know exactly what I was getting myself into.

"Who is going to read a 25 page document" doesn't work in a disputes tribunal unfortunately (though I agree there is a case for T&Cs to be shorter than that and in plainer English).