sbiddle: These new deals are not MVNO's - merely resellers. We're not going to see the benefits in NZ that MVNO's actually offer.

Hmm, what's the difference?  If the 3 companies are merely going to "resell" Vodafone's services, does it mean that all they're doing is offer the option of signing up for Vodafone's products with them?  Eg:  You can bundle a 2Mbps broadband plan with Orcon, together with Vodafone's Motormouth on Account Plan, and all you get is a $10 discount for bundling those together?  Something like what Telstraclear is doing now?

THAT'S IT?  No fancy new plans that new mobile companies are going to come up with?  No big ad about how there is a cheaper, better mobile provider in time, only that they're providing this by piggybacking on Vodafone's network?

If so, I'm quite disappointed....