i have a samsung D410 which also allows me to take videos.

using the software provided by samsung (didnt come with the product, had to download from samsung, and it's the right program because it said so) otherwise known as Samsung PC Studio II PIMS & File Manager; i have downloaded the videos off my phone, however the method of export is extremely poor.
once downloaded, the video is 12mb and has no sound (file on my computer), but when i look at the file on my phone, it tells me that it's 418kb (eg the file within the phone). the quality is also dramatically reduced so i know that it's not just sending me that file, but recreating it.

is there any way i can extract the video from my phone, without the video being processed in the process? (and with sound included as well)

i dont have the phone cable, instead i use IR, but i cant imagine that it'll make a difference