We're looking to expand out business communications capability and are looking for consultant recommendations.

Currently - we have two offices connected (Auckland and Christchurch) using Xnet hosted VOIP lines and PAP2T analogue converters.

We've recently brought an Asian office online and are looking to roll out a plan that allows easier communication between centres.

Key points for us - 


  • Allow conference calling between offices (easily!) We've got a Cisco 7937G inbound and obviously want to use this.
  • Allow choice between a voip line or an analogue line (for guaranteed call quality)
  • Allow single device endpoints in Remote offices - and allow us to configure them then send them out for plug and play connectivity.
  • Advice on cordless handsets - we roam when we talk.
  • Phones - we've got access to a few Cisco ip phones.  It would be nice to keep these in use.
Should we be looking for an in house IPPBX?  The new Grandstream models look appealing - both price and functionality. 

Total number of lines would be Auckland - 2 VOIP, 1 Analogue, Christchurch - 1 VOIP, Asia - 1 VOIP.  Small stuff so far but we'd like to keep the doors open for expansion.  Total budget - hopefully in the order of $2k (excluding fees).

So if anyone wants to put their hand up to deliver a proposal, or recommend someone we should talk to - we'd appreciate it.