Hi, I was wondering if any of the 2Talk users or experts could tell me if there is a 2Talk bundle or package that you can buy to save money on SMS sent from 2Talk?

I scoured their web site to no avail and the reply from their support team simply avoided the question with the answer "SMS is no longer a supported feature".

Presently SMS is working well from the 2Talk android VOIP app, to and from the 2degrees network on a number ported from vodafone. Looking at my bill, the charge is 32 cents per text sent/free to recieve, and I was wondering if they might have a billing scheme such as 1 mobile minute = 1 SMS or similar?

I appreciate that the SMS service might not be formally supported any longer and may presently be running as a best effort only service with no garantee's, but from a customers point of view, they are billing for the service and it would be nice to know of any alternate package options.

Background Story:

I am heading overseas for a few months to a rather big-brotherish country where you have to be a resident (or have a resident visa etc) to buy a local sim, so I am open to VOIP/SMS suggestions to stay in touch with NZ. I thought that the 2talk $10 local number/calling plan would be the bee's knees (for my non-tech savy family), and thought the SMS would be the icing on the cake until I discovered the SMS cost.

As an aside, does anyone know weather or not SMS will still work if I change from a 2Talk 028 (mobile) number to a 2Talk 09 (local calling) number?