As other have said, your technical issue is not with 2Talk. It is badly configured on site equipment that results in no speech path.


Discounting a provider simply because they use the 2Talk white label platform is not smart. The white label platform performs extremely well and allows small vendors to offer services to clients along with any level of support they wish.


We sell Samsung phone systems and then provide broadband and voice services via the 2talk white label platform. We insist on installing a managed router if you want our services as it means we can be 100% confident in the configuration. It also means we can easily and quickly diagnose issues - if there are any. 




Our sales office is Auckland based but we can service businesses throughout the country via the Samsung reseller's network. Our Christchurch based contractors would be able to service you quite easily (we already look after a number of Ashburton businesses. Flick me a PM if you would like some more info on our solution.