Just another option to through in the mix...


Conversant - just got bought out by Voyager. We had a large office and quality of calls was top-notch (support was also brilliant).


No internal PABX needed - they run the Cloud PABX. We opted to buy Cisco VOIP Phones Handsets for everyone (so that was the only hardware cost along with a PoE Router). Worked very well with thousands of calls per month. I think we could do unlimited concurrent calls (we never reach the limit on Fibre - on a previous ADSL2 connection we could only do 6 concurrent calls before quality issues). All the normal features of internal transferring, Conference Calls,group calling / ringing, Voicemails, Do Not Disturb etc.


But, they are more expensive than 2Talk. It depends how many internal extensions, how many outside lines you get. I don't know if they do any unlimited packages.


Anyway, an alternative to look into if you want more support than 2Talk.