I've ported over a phone number that has been with Vodafone on copper service for the last 10 years to a Hero's VoIP service and it works great.  The only problem I'm having is that I think Vodafone might have a call-table / routing issue inside their VoIP network.  I have one person who is on Vodafone Ultimate VDSL and Voice and they cannot call this number.  When they do they are told the number is not in service.  However, I can call it from my Vodafone mobile phone with no problems?


Wondering if anyone else out there has Vodafone residential VoIP service and might be able to help me by calling this number from their VoIP and letting me know if it rings through or if you get a voice prompt saying the number is not in service?


If you can help, please send me a PM. Would be most appreciated!