sbiddle: If you want to fix your problem you need to fix your dialplan. I'll fix it for $! Smile

Thanks Steve, yes, you're on my hit list of people I'd like to throw some coin at when I get some coming at me for this stuff!  So far I've banked ~$9 in 2Talk commissions :)  So I'm not sure what your cost is, but you can see my budget.

As everyone knows, I had ambitious plans, but earthquakes down here have really turned all of that on it's head.  People I liked up as trial customers seemed more interested in just fixing their houses and now bothered with telephones... rather strange.

I'd quite like to sell some of Mav's product because he seems to give the community more help than some... though he doesn't seem keen to have me anywhere near his 1's and 0's.

As for the dialplan, ya, quite keen to give that a go myself so I understand it, but please feel free to ping me your rates for service because while I'll have a go at sorting out SPA2102's now, I'm not game to take on the bigger stuff and I've already been passing those leads else where.