AndrewTD: Well today I took the plunge and signed up for Vodafone's Ultimate Naked BB 60Gb per month for $65 - after the $30 discount for having an on-account vf mobile.
In the end I decided to sign up for a 12 month term - to avoid the $101 connection fee. (Although I turned down the free router, primarily 'cos I didn't want the hassle of getting the new one, and didn't think it would be better than my existing Draytek.)
Given that I don't plan on moving in the next 12 months, and UFB isn't coming to my part of Whitby in the next 12 months, I figured it was a reasonable punt to take.
Yes - it is likely that Vf and other carriers will come out with better deals in the next 12 months, but I'll take the savings now.

Will be interesting to see how the transition goes. Not looking forward to the inevitable down time between working connections! Maybe I'll strike it lucky and it will go smoothly.
The 2Talk re-connection should be trivial once the internet connection is re-established.
I'll report back on progress.

Update for all on my transfer experience.
First - the good news: I had almost no downtime. I was emailed my new user id and password prior to my changeover (I did ask the agent to do this when I was on the phone to him) They also automatically txt'd me this info after the changeover. I got home that evening on change-over day, reconfigured my router, and it worked straight away. Big thumbs up for that part.
But - I had to nag them to actually get the order through the system. I'd still be waiting if I hadn't rung up and asked them 10 days after I logged the service order what was happening. The Vodafone guy had to effectively re-issue the service order internally to get the connection setup. After that it was working the next day.

I note that my billing period is set as from 28 Jan, even though the account wasn't activated till 9 Feb!
I hope they don't try and charge me for that non-connected time.

It also looks like WorldxChange may be about to charge me an extra month of connection - i.e. for all of March as well. I'll fight that if/when it occurs. They were notified on 9 Feb, and I have already paid for all of Feb. Their Ts&Cs say they can charge for 30 days after receiving termination notice from me. Not 50 days.