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# 136822 10-Dec-2013 04:45
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Ever since Microsoft launched their new OS it has been heavily criticised on tech/geek forums around the world, specifically about the changes in UI design & operation.
Microsoft announced a few days ago to pull Windows 7 off the market early in order to force people to buy Windows 8; which has not been selling well at all so far; but have now reinstated Windows 7 sales for the time being after an avalanche of complaints broke out across the net.

I'm wondering what the sentiment is about this here on Geekzone?

Pick one of the follow and explain why
1) You are opposed to Windows 8 (there is a large group that feels operating Win8 is counter-intuitive and intended for tablet/mobile use rather than on a desktop)
2) You feel Windows 8 is not suitable for business use and therefore can not upgrade from XP/7
3) You have been happy with Windows 8 from day 1
4) You have been happy with Windows 8 since the 8.1 update which changed the "start menu"
5) You have been happy with Windows 8 after the introduction of 3rd-party tools that bring the OS back to a Windows 7 style interface

On a personal note, I feel that Microsoft could have prevented a lot of dissatisfaction by their customer base had they simply kept the usability options open by choice.
Such as supplying a configuration panel feature which allows you to enable/disable Metro, and one that allows you to enable/disable the Aero Glass design, possibly even extending it by adding several different interfaces rather than sticking to the "one fits all" theory.


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  # 948397 10-Dec-2013 05:48
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Number one. The metro interface is so useless on a non touch screen laptop and the way some of the apps work, allowing only two 'window panes' at once is frustrating. I just avoid it where possible and stay in desktop mode. I can totally understand people sticking with windows 7.

Edit: totally agree with you re configuration. Would have made everyone happier.

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  # 948398 10-Dec-2013 06:18
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I may be one of the few who love Windows 8.  I have just gone back to it after being on 7 for a while and really missed 8.  I had Windows 8.1 but even no programs installed and all chipset drivers infact the whole lot updated from hP website to Windows 8.1 drivers, my screen would go black scrolling so went to 7.  Now back on Windows 8 as I really missed it.
 I love the modern UI and my laptop is not touch screen.  I find it so much quicker to access programs than the old start menu.  The only thing I dont like is the shutdown tucked away where it is, but then its not often I do a complete shut down.  So Windows 8 for me here on my main laptop

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  # 948406 10-Dec-2013 07:18
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I run Windows 8 at home (not upgrading to 8.1) and dont have a problem with it. As soon as it loads Im straight into desktop mode and I only ever go back to Metro to use the search function. Using it like this its pretty much the same (functionally wise) as Windows 7. The main difference is I love the hyper v integration that 7 didnt have. I keep my pc on 24/7 and run multiple virtual machines like AD, Exchange etc but can also be playing games at the same time this is running. 

So thumbs up for Win 8 from me. Metro is useless for me but other than that its all good.

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  # 948407 10-Dec-2013 07:20
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I am the a stick in the mud and completely resistant to change. However everytime I have embraced change I have never looked back.

I loved XP hated a change to Vista because it was different.
I loved 7 hated change to 8.1 because it is different.

I have not slept in 2 weeks since I got an 8.1 laptop but surprisingly It had nothing to do with windows. In trying to fix a sleep problem (insomnia) I have discovered windows 8 is 99% windows 7 underneath the cloak of weird colours. 100%.

So to bring back 7 you have to spend 2 sleepless weeks trying to control it and now I have a 7. Minus the start menu. And a whole lot of .... wait for it ... FUNNNNNN!

So much that I have not touched my ipad for 2 weeks! (it used to be my 3rd mistress)

Swype on iOS is detrimental to accurate typing. Apologies in advance.

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  # 948416 10-Dec-2013 07:30
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Number 5 for me on my laptop (non-touch screen) as most of the tools I use have no Modern UI versions anyway. On my ASUS tablet I am trying to use only Moder UI apps.

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  # 948430 10-Dec-2013 07:39
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I use it daily but I just tolerate it, however given the choice of buying win 7 or win 8.1 on a new machine I would probably get win 8.1.

Personally, too many things don't either work, or have had features cut that were better in windows 7 (the backup feature is one of them, importing photos and files another, SkyDrive another [win 8.1 update ruined it IMHO]).

Also, the concept of apps is fine, but they needed to be seamlessly integrated on the desktop (this is probably my biggest complaint) - I don't know what they are thinking by only allowing one app to run in the foreground at a time - have not had to do that since DOS.

Having said that if one switches Win 8 into desktop mode and ignores all of the new features and just uses standard desktop applications, it works well.

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# 948434 10-Dec-2013 07:51
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Number 5 for me, although I am getting used to the start screen, certainly don't find it very intuitive on a desktop non touch screen computer though. 

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  # 948438 10-Dec-2013 08:13
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None of the numbers

There should be Number 6 Clean install of Windows 8.1.

I have done clean installs on my desktop and laptop.

Very happy with Windows 8.1. Been using it for a week now.
Have re-installed most of my apps without problems.
Leaning a few more Windows keyboard shortcuts makes getting around fast.
Generally much faster (bootup and shut down) than Windows 7

HP DV7 laptop had the black screen during Windows startup.
Followed HP recomendation and installed Win7x64 graphics drivers. Now no problem.




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  # 948440 10-Dec-2013 08:19
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Number 3 for me. Was an early adopter of Windows 8 since it was first released. So many good things for power users. I prefer the new way to find apps by just typing the name of the app. Windows 8.1 is good too but I haven't got that on my primary machine yet.

I must admit that Ive seen people struggle with it (like my wife) but my kids dont have any problems finding what they need.

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  # 948462 10-Dec-2013 08:54
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I have to use Server 2012 R2 which also uses the touchscreen interface. On a server OS. Totally nonsensical.

The fullscreen Windows Apps are also awful and largely remove the ability to multitask efficiently.

They're probably badly hamstrung in making a really good interface owing to the fact that Apple own all the patents for such things (mostly through acquisition rather than innovation, but I digress).

A large client is upgrading their fleet from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. It's going to be very interesting given that the majority of their hardware is non-portable and hence the least practical system for what is designed to be a touchscreen OS.

Oh yeah, also, Windows still scales terribly on high-resolution screens. Trying to use it on notebooks with >1080p resolutions is just awful.

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  # 948463 10-Dec-2013 08:55
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I don't use windows 8, and that's mostly down to cost. I do have a firm opinion though.

People hate change, and I think MS did Win8 right. The only way to make major changes is to manipulate people.

Every time there is a major change, people bleat about it and say "why did they change that, it was fine how it was", they then make it hard by being difficult just to prove the point.

The masses hated Vista too, and it wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. Windows 8 is a lot like Vista in that it's not liked by most. But MS will tweak it, people will love it, and in time they'll say "I'd never go back to Windows 7".

Windows 8 has sown the seeds of change, and windows 9 or 10 will make you wonder what all the fuss was about.

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  # 948464 10-Dec-2013 08:56
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Number 3 for me. (Sort of)

Before I installed Windows 8 I was quite wary of it (driven mostly by all the negative press and all the whinging surrounding it)

After installing it I actually found that the improvements and the bits I liked far outweighed the annoyances and I actually quite liked it.

Windows 8.1 improved it even more and removed a couple of those annoyances, to the point where I have almost no issues with it.

I've also noticed that most of the Non-Tech\Geek people I've introduced it to absolutely love it. A lot of the most vocal critics I've come across haven't actually tried it much and just seem to regurgitate stuff that they've heard or read.

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  # 948465 10-Dec-2013 08:57
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I suppose #5. I'm running 8.1 with Start8 (which I installed before the 8.1 upgrade), Metro bypassed on Start Up, work entirely within Desktop mode.

I like my PC the way it is now, but I miss the games. Is there a way to get the Win7 games into Win8?

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  # 948474 10-Dec-2013 09:18
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Number 1. Touchscreen control system is unnecessary for a desktop . Windows 8.1 improved it a bit but the duality of win8 is schizophrenic and I don't like it.

The advantages of win8 appear to be mainly cosmetic than functional. Someone said win8 has faster start up -- who cares, my win7 system starts from sleep in a second.

The best win8 feature for me is the copy function which is faster-but I usually let large copies run in the background so whether something takes 30 minutes or 28 minutes is not a huge deal.

The win8 mail and photo apps are garbage, media center is gone-sky, and backup is more difficult.

MS irritated me by trying to force stupid apps on the desktop. Apps are the whole reason for the existence of win8 from what I can tell. Apps are toys for tablets, not desktops.

MS could easily have provided win8-tablet, and win8-desktop. The fact they didn't irritates me too as it would have been so simple. And, there are bugs/annoyances from win7 that have not been addressed at all in win8.

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  # 948476 10-Dec-2013 09:21
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A mixture of 3 and 4 for me. The 8.1 update has improved the OS in a similar vain to which SP1 did for XP.

Retired IT Manager. 
The views stated in my posts are my personal views and not that of any other organisation.


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