I have two Windows computers running Chrome Remote Desktop with different issues.  

The main issue is a laptop running Windows 8.1, which shows the mouse cursor but no right or left click menus, the menus are opening on the remotely controlled machine though.  Clicking where the menu option should be or pressing the appropriate shortcut key for the menu option works.  For example, in uTorrent I can right-click an RSS feed and see no menu pop-up but if I press the U key, it will update the feed. So the menu is there, I just can't see it.

Another effect is that some programs will open only showing the frame but not the content of the window, or won't appear at all on my local screen but are open on the remotely accessed machine.

Anyone know what it is that controls display over remote desktops, or is this a compatibility issue I can find a setting for?

My Windows 10 Machine works OK, there is an issue but it has an easy workaround.