Hi all,

I am trying to push a solution at work that uses Project Server 2016 to store MS Project files that in turn are integrated into TFS so that tasks on the Agile board in TFS update the project work books and visa versa.  I know this can be done in Project 2013 and MS even publish a VM with all the required components to demo it.

However I am trying to do this with Project 2016, and have so far tried on 2 VM's installing Project 2016 + TFS 2015 Update 3, but when I install the Team Foundation Server Extensions for Project Server, the installer says it cannot find Project Server on the machine:

"Unable to detect Project Server. In order to install this package, a supported version of Project Server must be installed on this machine"

I have checked the logs, and its specifically checking version numbers:

[366C:31E8][2016-08-12T16:54:56]i052: Condition '(CurrentOperation = "Install") AND TfsDev14ProjectServerExtensionsCoreVersionExists AND (TfsDev14ProjectServerExtensionsCoreVersion > v14.0.23129.01)' evaluates to false.

So I guess MS either need to offer a patch, or a way to hack this.  Anybody out there managed do to this, or can offer a solution?  Anyone from MS know anything about this?