We setup printers in our customer's premises which are shared via a Windows 7 host PCs.


The Printing Defaults on the host are configured to the correct tray, paper size etc so the client PC's shouldn't have to touch anything if they add/remove the shared printer.


Client PC's don't have permissions manage this printer so the Printing Defaults are greyed out on their side however they do have access to change their local Printing Preferences.


Since the anniversary update we've had a lot of Windows 10 customers calling with printing issues, printing to the wrong tray etc.


It appears the Windows update resets the client-side Printing Preferences to the (Brother PCL5e) driver defaults instead of using the host Printing Defaults.


Even removing the printer and re-adding it doesn't pickup the Printing Defaults resulting in having to manually configure Printing Preferences on each client PC.


We don't have control over the Windows 10 clients to invoke GP or anything, only the Windows 7 host, is there anything we can do on our end to override the client Printing Preferences?