Oh, I see. I just thought the "admin" was a short for Administrator as not all users are technical and use the full name when describing it - I also see this happening.



Yep, I just made an assumption as well, one that suited my theory :-)

It seemed unlikely that the PC seller/shop would have gone to the trouble of enabling/unhiding ~user administrator~ as a user a/c
assuming the seller/shop did a generic Wipe & install , as they should do on a used PC



The assumption made by 1101 appears to be correct in this case.  I've now wiped the admin account and replaced it with one called Family with the settings I want on that (ie: no admin privileges at all, but the password my husband is used to using to get on as he doesn't know my Microsoft account password).  So now everything is as I want it, just have to work out how to get the game icons up on the background of that user so youngest doesn't have a panic attack when he can't see his game.   He's autistic so if he can't see it it's not there, I think I know how to do it, just have to get onto setting it up shortly