So this one has been doing my head in for ages now every so often my windows key would lock up requiring me to actually press the windows key to unlock it. From the beginning I felt it was more than likely a software issue as it would never be repeatable(pressure etc) and would not happen in VMWare.


For awhile now I have been trying to find the cause and tonight I just happened to find it by chance while running carnac I was using the touchpad and carnac told me I was pressing alt plus the scroll wheel so I try again using any sort of movement with 2 fingers present and discovered that this was what pinch was. Though ok this is a good lead lets try all sorts of gestures sure after some trial and error I figured out it was the 3 finger tap and 4 finger tab that where activating the windows key + shift and F22 or windows key + shift + F24 and sometimes this would fail to release the windows key sometimes bringing up the projector settings window.


So great I thought this is easy I will just disable the gestures in the touchpad settings as I never use them anyway(pinch and taps that is). Unfortunately this is where it all goes south.


Changing the settings for these to nothing causes nothing change the trackpad still registers the gesture and still sends the key presses nothing I can find suggests that this can actually be disabled short of turning the touchpad off.


Does anyone have any ideas if there is a regedit command to disable the gesture being recognized completely and yes I will submit a bug report to Microsoft in the morning but would really like to get a workaround so I don't have this happening in the meantime.