Lesson learned there, just a shame it was the hard way πŸ™ this is why getting something like a hard drive is best done locally.


Why won't you send it back, btw? It's obviously not what you paid for. Can you reassemble it and return it? 



I had bought some really good, cheap stuff off Ali and I was hoping this purchase would be similar. To be honest I was skeptical from the start that you could fit that much storage on such a small device but it was cheap compared to the computer places so I thought I'd risk it. Deep down I was prepared for the inevitable.....but I am prone to bouts of insanity 😜


Initially the drive seemed fine. It showed up as genuine in explorer and the partition software. But when I tried to partition it the thing wouldn't go past the partition part. It formatted successfully but then reverted to unformatted. That was the first red flag. Then when I transferred hundreds of GBs of MP4 files and found only some of them were there.....well that's when reality kicked in.


I didn't want to send it back because it would have cost a bit and there are personal circumstances which I won't go into but they affect my ability to get to a post office.


But yeah - lesson learned πŸ™„