Hello, I have been Windows-free on my personal computer since 2000 but I use MS Office in Wine
I first started playing around with doslinux, Slackware then Redhat in about 1998, it was really exciting new territory then. Now I use Slack 10.2 and make my living by supporting Linux-server-based networks with Apple, 2K & XP clients, firewalls, wireless-hotspot billing systems and more. I can't imagine going into business using Windows exclusively, it's too expensive and I'm too thrifty. (I'm not a communist!!)

I think Linux servers set a new standard for price and quality, Microsoft servers surely compete, but not on the price. I've replaced a few exchange & active directory systems with Linux. It's good on the PC desktop too. But from this technician's POV the Linux advantage is adaptability, freedom and technical superirority. (not ease of use.. yet) :*)