freitasm: The only thing is that I have to run a terminal session to initiate pppd. It should have a GUI dialer somewhere...

Other than this, it's connected.

Hm. I haven't experimented with that feature at all, but in 8.10 at least you can configure your own connections. So, you right-click on the network manager applet icon, select 'edit connections', select 'mobile broadband', then select the providers in the country you are in (for some reason it knows who the providers in your country are), and then get a dialog where you can configure your ppp and other settings you need.

Presumably, you will then be able to connect with just a single mouse clock. But I think the HP Ubuntu is based on 8.04, right? It may not have had that feature back then. Does somebody familiar with 8.04 know what to do here?