So I now have Mountain Lion and Game centre loaded onto my mac, and have watched the very encouraging youtube promotion by apple about how we can now play cross platform, (another round of aplause for the smug fella in the Im hip i wear jeans to work one man floor show) So I think apart from being obvious it would also be great to be able to play a game on my mac against my daughter sitting over there with her iPad 1. I am a bit thick when it comes to this stuff but can someone show me where there is a list of games that we could multiplay or play against each other. I have googled every way I can think of asking but still don't get how to find which game I could download and play with me on my mac and her on the iPad.
I did download Cro-mag but when selecting me as a friend it returned the verdict "incompatible"
Show an old man the way please ??