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Thanks for the help and the info. Earlier today, I decided to move all my music off the SSD elsewhere (as this was the easiest option vs trying to figure out / plan to move off photos and home vids). 


I then upgraded to catalina... so far ok..... and skype for business now installed and looking like what I need for my meeting! 


I now have to go find solutions to imovie (not that I used it much, but had started to work on editing some home movies) and see how I can suss out adobe acrobat pro and an alternative to toast titanium. 


I've got a diskstation doing timemachine back ups, but now thinking I should simply move the photos off to a seperate drive along with the movies and create a share directly on that. 




Time isnt ones friend when ya have a couple kids! 


and yeh... need to replace this MBP at some stage...Im still impressed with performance after 5 years !