Last night my work bag got stolen from my car which was parked in our driveway.

Fortunately there was very little in it that was of any value to anyone but me as it contained mainly work documents.  The bags minus a few items was recovered under a tree on the neighbours street frontage.

However it did contain my Palm TX PDA in a leather case and a Belkin travel kit bag with a USB wall charger, the USB cable, the USB to GO cable and the mini to HDMI cable for my Nokia E7, and a HDMI cable, these items weren't recovered.

The PDA isn't worth all that much now and even worth less without the charging/syncing cradle etc. However there were a couple of apps on there that were very useful to me.  Likewise the cables  and charger aren't all that valuable but a real pain to replace.

I'm figuring that once the low lifes realise that the PDA isn't a phone and that they need other stuff to make it useful they will probably throw it away.  The same will probably apply to the cables with perhaps the exception of the HDMI cable and charger since the cables are fairly device specific.

If anyone in the general area of Queenwood/Chartwell in Hamilton comes across items as I've described would you be good enough to PM me.  There's a small reward for the Palm TX.