I can see why you are no longer a believer. Catholics and that chap with the pointy hat no not Harry its someone more sinister. The pope. Pray to idols (mother mary) and call their priests Father?  There is only one father no other and theres nothing in the bible that says to pray to mother mary. Bit like the Mormons who believe that they will become gods one day, woohoo i wanna be a god too! And lets not forget our very own Destiny Church - if you cannot tip you are not worthy to enter heaven, who hands out golden rings and names them sons who will protect their bishop with their life. Um who else did something like this? Think back to World War 2 a nasty fella with a funny mostache.  No wonder non believers have a hard time taking us seriously. 

But anyway i agree this thread is going way off topic. Maybe Geekzone could do with a religion category :) j/k

Good talking to ya vinnieg

Can we close this topic off now since it has basically invoked Godwin's Law and "Kaos36" has automatically lost the argument for doing so.

That and it's a really really boring topic on god bothering now!