Had an old filling replaced 8 weeks ago on an upper molar and has caused me discomfort ever since with temperature sensitivity (Neither Gel-kam or Sensodyne have worked) during meals. It was stated that the filling was pretty deep and although the discomfort hasn't gotten in any worse, frankly, with it running on 8 weeks, I've had enough of it especially when there was no pain to speak of before the filling got replaced.

Looking for a suitably experienced and equipped Dentist who is able to either have the filling taken out and re-done (with a sedative base, GIC base, or similar) OR have the tooth root canaled.

Was looking at Hill Park Dental in Manuwera, but they apparently seem to be booked out for quite a while. Any good dentists around Eastern suburbs of Auckland people who have had root canals done and fillings replaced can vouch for? (include what it costs), willing to look further afield depending on Cost and experience.

Many Thanks.