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Fundraising Event!!

Friday Night September 14th!

Come up with a team of 3-5 players (or come alone). There is a $5 registration fee per person payable on the night.
There will be a donation box on the night as well.

All money raised will go to a charity called "GiveIndia". It is a donation platform that works with NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations).  The NGO that will be supported from this fundraising event is CHAITANYA EDUCATIONAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY



The money raised from team registrations, and donations will go towards the design and installation of Bore Wells. 

Each Well will provide for 30 disadvantaged families in rural Andhra Pradesh, India. 

Each well costs about 6000 rupees to build, so the more teams that take part, the greater the money raised, and more of the bore wells built!!

So come prepared for the quiz! Although it is a fundraising event, some quiz questions will not be so good natured:D

Alcohol Free event

We are a group of students from the course "Engineering in Developing Countries." (ENCI451) with Canterbury University and this event is part of a final year project. All the money raised goes straight to the Charity, we and UC do not keep anything.

We have cookie time bags for the winners of each round (there are 8). Plus we have 5x $20 SIM Cards courtesy of 2degrees, along with 2 as yet unknown Cell Phone models to give away. I say unknown because they won't arrive in time due to a hiccup, so "prize vouchers" will be handed out, essentially an IOU.

Questions are general knowledge, and not targeted at any generation in particular. Some UC staff are attending, alongside Students. 

The venue itself is "The Undercroft", an enclosed space under the James Height Library at The University of Canterbury, 7pm Friday.

Any GZ members are welcome to come along