When I was in the US (Las Vegas) I went to one of the many places advertising the ability to go and shoot a large selection of guns. I opted to try an M16 and a Ak47 and a couple of others. I found the whole experience wildly frightening. I knew there was going to be noise every time I pulled the trigger, but I still jumped every single time, and afterwards I was shaking. I have to say I didn't enjoy it at all. One of the things that came out of that experience was how much MORE respect I have for the Military officers and Police who not only have to fire those weapons at real life targets, but do so when those targets are SHOOTING back. I almost went into the Police force myself, and have the utmost respect for the job they do.

Bottom line is, if you put yourself in harms way by threatening a police officer, and you end up tazered, shot or dead, you got what you deserved.

There was a short series called "over there" which is based on soldiers who were in Iraq. It's one of the most powerful tv dramas I ever saw, it gave me untold increase respect for soldiers in general. I highly recommend it.