Geektastic: All too common I am afraid - sometimes it works well but this is more common. One local business round here actually has a sign up saying 'All care but no responsibility'!

You could try writing to the Chief Exec Brian Roche personally, telling him how poorly his company performs.

and you base your comments on what exactly, as has been said it seems it sisn't entirely NZ Posts fault so saying this is all to common would suggest you have access to other information that you are basing this on.

The sign means nothing as you can't contract out of the CGA and is most likely a hangup from the last century, no different to what you would find in most countries I would guess.

This is normal for Geektastic.  He spends 99% of his time on Geekzone complaining about how horrible NZ is compared to the UK, much like a certain other person spends 99% of their time complaining how horrible NZ is compared to South Africa.  Frankly I don't understand why people who clearly hate living here continue to do so.

yep I hear ya