danielwd: It becomes so easy to imagine how you'd spend that billion dollars, if only your brain had come up with the idea and executed it. 

You want to be an entrepreneur! Good idea.

Just be aware it can take an absolutely excellent product, hard work & dedication, luck and a perfect confluence of events - just to survive, and make a living for any length of time. Let alone become a billionaire.. and did I mention Hard Work?

And you can come up with that Next Big Idea, the perfect product, create a great little company, a solid market position - and then...

You consolidate, arrange finance - aiming for that next level - but new, similar, products appear, squeezing and overlapping yours, biting into your profits.

You're still a niche player and now your niche's compacting.

You take out personally guaranteed loans and plough the money into your business. Work 14 hour days. All year. Sell shares to friends and family, your Granny..

Suddenly you realise you're working 7 days a week, always on the road, compliance and taxes are becoming a nightmare, never seeing your partner, and you're paying your employees as much as you're making yourself just to keep them around.

You try to hunt for more employees with the same abilities and vision as yourself, but they're all morphing into the competition. Starting their own businesses.
So you start to think of cashing in - one of the larger players buying you out, and hint you might sell.

But - they scent weakness, their accountants & lawers do due diligence, shred your valuations, project your market share falling into the future.

They tell you that the business consists mainly of what's in your head.. start to make offers of a position and minor shareholdings in their companies, and little cash..

Now though, you can't work for someone else. You're spoiled. You're an entrepreneur.

So you flip the whole lot of them the bird, close it down while you can still pay Granny & Co back and maybe come out even.. and start to plan your next Big Idea..

Haha pessimistic but accurate to a degree (I hope not for me!).