Linuxluver: Anyway....... I can understand someone like Robin Williams thinking...."That ain't gonna be me..." and defining his own end. 

In a way our laws around suicide discriminate against the disabled. Some one physically capable of the act can kill themselves....but someone who is too far gone physically to do it themselves just can't get any help either. 

Having watched someone go this way, I'm with Robin Williams on this one. Well done, that man.

I absolutely agree. It's my life so if I wish to end it on my terms rather than go through pointless suffering, other people shouldn't get any say.

Assuming you are of course of sound mind! Lots of people who are terminally ill are not. 

Of course. I'd like to be able to put something in place while I can - but the law doesn't allow me to even do that - which leaves only the option of a slightly premature exit.

You do have the option to commit suicide if you wish, you just don't have the option of having someone else help you, legally, in NZ. 

Personally, I don't think that's such a bad thing. The ways that this can go badly, and be exploited are terrible. 

For the record. I have been through what a lot of you have said, where a dearly loved one has suffered. I was for the doctor giving her enough morphine to stop her heart, but it's just such a complicated issue.