Fabian: Very basic rule of health and safety

Decide how you will manage the hazards. Your priorities are:



  1. Eliminate the hazard if possible. For example, replace a toxic chemical with a non-toxic substitute or replace a noisy machine with a quieter one.
  2. If you can’t eliminate the hazard then isolate it. For example, fit protective guards around dangerous machinery parts.
  3. If you can’t eliminate or isolate the hazard then minimise it. For example, require people to wear protective ear muffs, hard hats, goggles, masks and boots when working in dangerous areas.
  4. Include a process for monitoring the health and safety of employees exposed to hazards.


just remember those 3 words.

I thought the correct three words for H&S in NZ were "She'll Be Right"?

The 2 day H & S courses they run here at work suggest otherwise.

The annual death rate in forestry and farming - and the overall statistic that you are 6 times more likely to be killed or injured in a NZ workplace than a UK one - would suggest even more otherwise...!