Today is my 19th wedding anniversary. I met my wife over 25 years ago. Maybe its because we both don't really care for cornflakes except in afghan biscuits...

But I'll take your advice on board and watch out for those inevitable, escalating, irresolvable conflicts.

 LOL. Been married 34 years....conflicts? Of course, no-one agrees 100% of the time about everything.

In-Laws? Go, or don't biggie. My partner visited sister not long ago, in another town, I was invited, didn't go.
No-one got all knotted about it - the sister included.

You may argue, well, then move on, life goes on.

It gets even more entertaining when a visit to the outlaws requires you to spend up large on an airline ticket to London..! That really can produce a difference of opinion.

My In laws are only 2KMs from us and I only visit about once a quarter if really needed and thats too much

Yes, when I lived in the UK I always lived just far enough away from the parentals that they could not 'drop in'!

Since I went away to boarding school at 7 1/2 I spent 36 weeks a year away from them, so have never really felt the need to visit much - and 2 of my 3 brothers live overseas (Canada and USA) so they do not do so either!

Mind you one of my brothers has kids (the oldest is 15) I have never met...!!