This particular [exceptionally minor] issue has nothing to do with any of the style of quotes you've just posted. If you take time to not only read through some of the links posted and look at the reasoning in an international sense you might actually start to understand what's going on here - it's got absolutely nothing to do with conspiracies or Government shenanigans. Apart from yet another whinge thread on Geekzone, where exactly has this led?

I disagree - they tend to be related. There were significant changes to the way banks must act in a number of countries, passed under the guise of terrorism. They have impacted me*; and the same rules often flow on to requirements like this (approval must be sought for money transfers relating to Myanmar).

It's not the government's place to restrict my ability to move money; nor is it reasonable for them to assert a guilty-until-proven innocent stance on it. This is why I - and evidently others - relate the statements around "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" to issues like this.

* I can't open, change (e.g. add a family member), etc credit card accounts I have in Australia because I don't live there (due to career related mobility) at the moment. How this even supposedly restricts "money laundering in support of terrorists" I do not know, but it impacts me and many other Australian ex-pats.

That is exactly what the government is in place to do.