I've been watching a YouTube videos. I guess because the pool of ads is small in New Zealand, one keeps popping up.

It's the infamous driverupdate.net.

Your Windows 10 drivers are out-of-date, Download the Driver Update utility. Update your PC with the correct Windows 10 Drivers

This is a well-known malware website.

So trying to be a good netizen, I attempted to report the advertiser to YouTube.

Forget it; it's not possible. I even tried the YouTube advertising website, and their terms and conditions, and nary a link.

I found a link on the advertising website for feedback, but when I tried it, it said "unable to submit"

YouTube has made it easy to report offensive videos, and cyber-bullying.

But I guess any advertiser is a good advertiser. Ka-ching!

I supposed since YouTube still doesn't make a profit, Google is willing to turn a blind eye
Here's an article about YouTube trying to get more advertising revenue


Perhaps they should also invest some money on weeding out bad advertisers, if they want to encourage people to trust the advertisements.