I don't blame Obama for his lack of success in domestic policies - the Republicans blocked him at every turn.  ( FWIW in 2008 I was a big fan of Obama.)     I do blame him for the drones  & bringing misery to civilians in Pakistan.   Obama massively expanded the use of drones.    For every terrorist the drones killed it has probably radicalised another 10.   So when another truck drives into a crowd in Paris/Berlin/London who can be sure that the driver was not motivated by the drone program?


So good riddance to a very hawkish President.    It is a very bad joke that this guy was ever awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.





I guess the "mother of all bombs" doesn't count as a drone.



More a WWII tactic than 21st century.
If dropping bombs was the solution to Afghanistan's problems, then it would already be about the safest place on earth.