It's perfectly legal to take photographs of people in public places without their consent, however, provided said images are not indecent.




It would not be legal to use those images for anything other than editorial use unless you obtained Model Consent.




It would not be legal (generally) to take images of a person in a place where they had a reasonable expectation of privacy (e.g. in their own back yard) but someone standing on a street in public? They may not like it but that isn't relevant to the legality of doing it.


Not quite right. You can't take pictures of someone in a public place where they have an expectation of privacy I.e. public bathroom. You also can't take pictures of people in a non public place I.e private property, without consent.

Well that is my understanding.

In the case of the OP I would like it if a random person obviously took a picture of me if I was the subject of the photo without checking with me first. I couldn't legally do anything to stop them however.


Geektastic you did have it right. I didn't read you post correctly


Printed this NZ Police "what-are-the-rules-around-taking-photos-or-filming-in-a-public-place" to keep in my camera bag.

Only once have I had anyone complain about me taking photos in public. (I do a lot of street photography in central Wellington, mostly events and street art/graffiti) 
I was taking a photo of the cars angle parked in lower Cuba street, Wellington, and this woman started ranting that I had no right to be taking the photos.... I dont think she was even an owner of any of the cars. I just took the photos I wanted, ignored her, and just walked away....