Edit; I'll probably not reply to this thread past here, I have my own rules about disagreements on the internet & have probably broken them already. 



@joff_nz, apologies, I'm not trying to start an argument, I get your point. I think the fundamental flaw here is with the banks and the fact that there are no check and balances between account name/number (which has been brought up in the thread).





No need for apologies :) Not trying to start an argument either but I have an uncanny knack for doing so at times :D




I too was surprised (some time ago) to find that names on transfers are not checked - I can see though that it would be a technical & administrative nightmare. is it G. Smith, Mr G Smith, Gary Smith, Gary Smyth, etc. Joint accounts add a whole other level of complication. 




Maybe a system where once you put in an account a couple of characters are returned for confirmation? Would require a large technical investment from the banks. & with all else that they could be doing... why bother?