Any PayPal experts out there? I have two PayPal accounts - one here in NZ and the other in Australia. Each of these accounts have the same Australian Mastercard credit card linked as a payment option and I want to make use of this Australian credit card to pay for some speakers bought from a NZ website (in NZ dollars).


My question is: does it make any difference if I use my NZ PayPal account or my Australian PP account when making payment (using this Aussie CC)?


If I use the Australian PayPal account to make payment in NZ dollars, will I lose out with PayPal's crappy exchange rate or will the conversion to NZ dollars be done using Mastercard's exchange rate (the card has no foreign currency conversion fees).


Don't know if it really matters what Paypal account I use as I'm still using the Aussie card to make payment or am I wrong about this?