Hi Steve, not sure if you are saying that the information which I have given geekzone is a lot of porkies or what???


As I said before I have for a number of years dialed 014 46 successfully to receive further instructions for my cheap international calls at 3 cents/minute. The last time that i made an international call using 014 46 was January 16, 2017. Last week I wanted to make an overseas call using the same method that I have used many time for several years. Why the change to 281-8468? Why wasn't I notified? Geekzone pointed me in the right direction and the gotalk website for confirmation. Cheers John



I'm not saying anything is porkies.


What I am saying is that 014 46 has *not* changed to 281-8468. 281-8468 is a local access number, and Cardcall offer local access numbers in a number of different regions. Most calling card companies prefer you to use local calling numbers, and as local calling is free in NZ from residential connections there is no cost to the caller. National access codes may be subject to interconnect rates which is why some phone cards charge a surcharge or higher calling rates when using a national access code.


014 46 is a national access code and *has* changed to 014 88 and has been 014 88 since at least 2015 when you look at the history of their website. While 014 46 may have worked for you it's obviously an obsolete number, and it's really up to the card provider to tell you that the number had changed.


As you're in Auckland 281-8468 is the best option for using your calling card. If you're in another LCA or calling from a phone where local calls are not free then you can use 014 88 to access their platform.